Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slides from FACETS CodeJam #3

The slides from most of the talks at the 3rd FACETS CodeJam workshop are now online.

The CodeJam workshops are focused on collaborative software development in neuroscience, particularly computational neuroscience, with mornings devoted to talks on recent developments and useful tools, and afternoons to code sprints.

This year we had the pleasure of listening to talks on speeding up Python using Cython, from Stefan Behnel, parallel processing on GPUs using PyOpenCL, from Andreas Klöckner, parallel processing with mpi4py from Eilif Muller, together with sessions on neuroscience data analysis using NeuroTools, OpenElectrophy and FIND, on reproducible research in computational neuroscience, on simulator technologies including NEST, NEURON, PCSIM, PyNN and MUSIC, and on neuromorphic hardware.

Notes on the code sprints will be posted later. Comments and some discussion of the talks can be found on FriendFeed.