Monday, December 13, 2010

Open Research Computation: a new journal for publications describing scientific software

Cameron Neylon has just announced a new journal, "Open Research Computation", published by BioMed Central. The goals of the journal are to promote sharing of high-quality scientific software (e.g. there must be a test suite with 100% code coverage), promote discussion of best practice in research software development, and to enable researchers to be rewarded through publication for the time spent on developing software tools for others to use.

The editorial board contains many familiar names from the scientific Python community, including Titus Brown, Hans-Petter Langtangen, Jarrod Millman, Fernando Perez and Gaƫl Varoquaux, and others from the reproducible research community such as Peter Murray-Rust and Victoria Stodden.

The goals of Open Research Computation seem to be very well aligned with those of the NeuralEnsemble community, and I encourage you all to think about submitting manuscripts there.