Friday, January 27, 2012

BrainScaleS/FACETS CodeJam #5 registration now open

Registration is now open for the 5th BrainScaleS/FACETS CodeJam workshop, which will take place March 14th-16th, 2011 in Edinburgh.

The goal of the CodeJam workshops is to catalyze open-source, collaborative software development in computational and systems neuroscience and neuroinformatics (especially, but not exclusively, using Python), by bringing together researchers, students and engineers to share ideas, present their work, and write code together. The general format of the workshops is to dedicate the mornings to invited and contributed talks, leaving the afternoons free for discussions and code sprints.

For the 5th BrainScaleS/FACETS CodeJam, the main theme of the meeting will be convergence in computational neuroscience software: recent developments to promote interoperability of modelling, simulation and data analysis tools and future efforts to develop common tools and libraries. We are planning sessions on:

  • Neuronal network modelling
  • Code generation for neuron and synapse models
  • Multicompartmental neuron modelling in Python
  • Data analysis tools for computational and systems neuroscience
  • Best practices for running an open-source software project

More details on the program and invited speakers will follow soon.

We invite contributions on any topic related to software in neuroscience, but especially on topics related to the main theme and planned sessions. If you have ideas for organising code sprints, whether a feature that you would like to see added to an existing tool or an idea for new software, please also let us know.

The meeting is being organised by Andrew Davison, Mike Hull, Abigail Morrison, Eilif Muller, Miha Pelko and Laurent Perrinet.

Registration & Further Information

The registration deadline is 19th February 2012, and is limited to 50 participants.

Please consult the meeting website at for registration and further information.