Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Neo 0.5.0-alpha1 released

We are pleased to announce the first alpha release of Neo 0.5.0.

Neo is a Python library which provides data structures for working with electrophysiology data, whether from biological experiments or from simulations, together with a large library of input-output modules to allow reading from a large number of different electrophysiology file formats (and to write to a somewhat smaller subset, including HDF5 and Matlab).

For Neo 0.5, we have taken the opportunity to simplify the Neo object model. Although this will require an initial time investment for anyone who has written code with an earlier version of Neo, the benefits will be greater simplicity, both in your own code and within the Neo code base, which should allow us to move more quickly in fixing bugs, improving performance and adding new features. For details of what has changed and what has been added, see the Release notes.

If you are already using Neo for your data analysis, we encourage you to give the alpha release a try. The more feedback we get about the alpha release, the quicker we can find and fix bugs. If you do find a bug, please create a ticket. If you have questions, please post them on the mailing list or in the comments below.

Modified BSD
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Unknown said...

Neo 0.5.0-alpha1, BlackrockIO, 'comments' data is not read.

Andrew Davison said...

Thanks for the comment, and thanks for creating the issue in the bug tracker (https://github.com/NeuralEnsemble/python-neo/issues/289)