Friday, February 17, 2012

G-Node Workshop on Neuronal GPU Computing

Announcement by Michael Schmuker, Christian Kellner and Thomas Wachtler of a very interesting workshop:

Graphics processing units (GPUs) offer a low-cost approach to parallel high-performance computing. Neuronal simulations can be parallelized efficiently and are particularly well suited for implementation on GPUs. There is also great potential for GPU-based high-throughput analysis of neuronal data. The field is progressing at rapid pace, and has reached a point where it may strongly benefit from some kind of convergence between the different approaches.

To facilitate communication and foster collaboration in the field, the German INCF Node (G-Node) organizes a one-day symposium on neuronal GPU computing with an adjoint two-day developer workshop.


Invited Speakers (preliminary):

  • Romain Brette (École Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  • Andreas Fidjeland (Imperial College, London)
  • Dan Goodman (École Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  • Thomas Nowotny (University of Sussex, Brighton-Falmer)
  • Pierre Yger (Imperial College, London)

Applications are encouraged for talks at the symposium. Topics may cover one or more of the following:

  • GPU-based neuronal simulation: development, applications, user reports
  • GPU-based data analysis: software and use-cases
  • Reports on GPU-powered neuronal research
  • Comparison of GPU-based neuronal applications with other high-throughput technologies (e.g. clusters, neuromorphic hardware)

Participation in the symposium is free, but registration is required.

Developer workshop

We encourage applications for participation in the developer workshop. The workshop's aim is to bring together developers of GPU-based applications for neuroscience and to enable exchange of ideas, knowledge, and code. Enthusiastic users of GPU-based tools with programming skills are also warmly invited. The number of participants in the workshop is limited to 20.

Invited symposium speakers will also be present at the developer workshop.

Application and registration:

To apply for a presentation slot at the symposium, send us an abstract (approx. 500 words) of your presentation. A note with your name and affiliation is sufficient if you only want to register for the symposium. To apply for the developer workshop, please send a us a short letter of motivation stating your background, why you want to participate, and what you could contribute to the workshop.


Direct your applications, registrations and any questions to .

Deadline for application: 28 Feb 2012

Workshop website: Current information about speakers will be posted there.


April 11, 2012 (Symposium)
April 12-13, 2012 (Developer Workshop)


LMU Biocenter
Großhaderner Str. 2
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

Hope to see you in Munich in April!

The organizers

Michael Schmuker, Freie Universität Berlin & BCCN Berlin
Christian Kellner and Thomas Wachtler, G-Node, LMU München

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